The experiments described in this paper were undertaken primarily for the purpose of measuring the quality of work done in screening and sorting in American concentrating-mills for Prof. For this purpose a series of samples of screened and sorted products was obtained from four different mills, and a plan was devised for sizing these products, and for tabular and graphic representation of the results. The results, together with discussions as to their significance, so far as they serve to interpret the quality of mill-work, have already been published in the above-mentioned work, and it is not the purpose of this paper to duplicate the work, except so far as is necessary to explain and illustrate methods and appliances.

The sizing of coarse products was done by sifting on screens of sheet-metal with round punched holes. These holes ranged in size from 64 mm. Below the smaller limit, punched metal, suitable for this work, was not obtainable, and the sizing was carried on by sifting on woven wire-sieves.

The finest woven wire-cloth obtainable gave a hole 0. Even these very fine screens served no useful purpose in sifting certain of the very fine classifier-products, of which all, or nearly all, passed through the finest screen.

A new adaptation of a method of settling and decantation with water in beakers was therefore worked out, and by this means the sizing was carried down to grains of a diameter as small as 0.

Sieves of sheet metal with round punched holes were used as far as practicable, chiefly because, as already explained, the primary object of the experiments was to test mill-work, and the mills had all used sheet-metal with round punched holes for coarse sizing and, further, because the diameter of a round hole is its only limiting dimension, whereas a square hole may limit the passage of a grain of ore, according as the grain approaches, to take advantage of the diagonal dimension or the side dimension.

The Rittinger sieve-scale was adopted as a standard for these sizing- tests, and screens were secured which would match the sizes of the Rittinger scale just as closely as possible. The sizes of the Rittinger scale are in geometrical progression.

Diameters of successive sizes have a constant ratio of 1. The screens coarser than 2 mm. Screens with holes 2 mm. From 10 to 20 holes were measured in each screen, and the average of these measures was taken to represent the size of hole for that screen. Sizes of square holes were determined by the mean of the measurements of the two sides. Some of the holes in the woven wire, instead of being truly square, were trapezoidal.

In this case the long and short parallel sides were measured, and their mean length taken for one dimension. The sizing-scale used is shown in Table I.

sieve analysis graph excel download

The first column shows diameters in millimeters of the Rittinger sieve-scale, the third column shows the actual diameters of the holes in screens obtained for the work in these experiments.Making reports like such is part of my daily activities at work.

So in this topic, I will show you the step by step guide on how to create Gradation Graph also called gradation curve plotted in excel spreadsheet:. Establish data series. Consider example below as the resulting data of sieve analysis tests of a soil or aggregates. Select XY Scatter as chart type and select scatter with data points connected with smoothed lines as chart sub-type, and click Next tab.

sieve analysis graph excel download

In the data established, set column A as X-values and column D as Y-values. Click Add tab. Series 1 will appear in the box, it will change if you put a name of your graph. Enter values in X axis by dragging down your mouse shown below at column A from row 3 to row In gridlines tab, tick boxes for X-axis, both minor and major gridlines and major gridlines only for Y-axis.

Click Next tab. This is how it looks… But we are not done yet. Point cursor in X-axis and right click your mouse. Format axis will appear as shown. And click OK.

Congratulations, you have now a gradation curve. Modification of the curve is very easy when you know the basic. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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sieve analysis graph excel download

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Excel Sheet For Sieve Analysis Of Aggregate And To Calculate Fineness Modulus

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