Back in elementary school, there were always a few of those "Do you like me? Check yes or no" notes circulating the classroom. Nowadays, things aren't so simple. Thanks to iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, there's plenty of room to overanalyze things like a "like," comment, or Story view.

But here's an interesting finding: If your crush has been watching your Story a lot lately, they might be interested in you too, thanks to the conclusion of a new study. According to Mashablea study of adult social media users showed that Snapchat is a platform "used more for finding new 'love interests' and for flirting, while Facebook is used for keeping in touch with friends. You might not be aware of their in-person side glances and sly looks," relationship expert Laurel House told Mashable.

Regardless of whether or not someone clicks 'like,' you know that they have looked. When you send them a snap do they open it right away? Do they snap you right back or do they wait a really long time? So instead of obsessively checking to see who's viewed your Story, maybe send them a Snap, or — dare we say it — a good old-fashioned text?

Keywords snapchat tech crush love relationships snapchat story.Dumped my GF this past Thursday. For the past two days, she didn't look at my snapchat stories. But today, it's showing that she's looked at my recent ones. I think you're reading into it a little too much. I have friends on Snapchat I haven't seen in yrs and I still look their stories. When I looked at my exs snapchat stories I can't say I was missing him.

It was more of a case of boredom and looking at everyone's stories and I didn't care enough to not look at his, because there was nothing to it.

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Let's not be too hasty Don't overthink it. Trending News.

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she looks at my snapchat stories

Zoey Lv 6.Instead of posting what you are doing on Facebook you share a 10 second video on Snapchat or Instagram. Unfortunately, the ability to see who has viewed this stories is very confusing.

Time and again, girls will view a Snapchat story but will not respond to a guy.

How to Use Snapchat to Tell if Someone LIKE-Likes You

Why is this the case? It is very easy to view a Snapchat or Instagram story.

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It is not thought provoking or challenging in any way. You do not have to think of a response and you can go on with your life. Once you have seen the story you can quickly go back to what you are doing. This is much different than an actual conversation. Many guys will see that a girl viewed their story and immediately text them or DM them. It is not uncommon for the girl to completely ignore this message. In fact, they may not even open it on Snapchat or Instagram. Even if they do open it, they may not respond at all.

Just because a girl has viewed your Snapchat story it does not mean she likes you or wants to talk. In fact, she was likely just bored and needed something to do.

Do not message a girl and expect a response just because she viewed your story on Snapchat or Instagram. Have you had this happen to you? Are girls you like ignoring you even though they are looking at or viewing your story? This happened to me to but me and her talk a little at the time i gave her a compliment and i wanted to talk to her but she was at work and i told her txt me when she can but she never txted back so idk if i should txt her bc she hasnt txted me but every story i post she looks at it is there any way or something i can do that will get her to txt me or should i just let it be.

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Cordale johnson.Melissa Stanger. According to a recent Mashable article, a guy or girl viewing your Snapchat story over and over again is the new "Facebook poke" of the online flirting world. TL;DR — if your crush keeps looking at your Snapchat story, it's probably because they like you back.

They are if they're noticing you on Snapchat:. Revelist spoke with House as well to follow up on her thoughts about Snapchat in the age of dating, and whether a crush viewing your story really is a good indicator of them liking you back. The good thing about that is that gives you the power to manipulate your Snapchat story in a way that will get your crush to take notice.

For example, House said, if you know your crush loves the color yellow, you can feature the color in your story to attract them. I asked House about Snapchat's new autoplay feature — that is, how when you click to view one story, it immediately plays the next one right after. What if your crush is just viewing your story because it played automatically after someone else's had finished?

The true indicator, according to House, is repeat visits. Tech-savvy dating expert says this is the best way to tell if your crush likes you back Get snapping!

Ex girlfriend looking at my Snapchat stories..?

Melissa Stanger melissahstanger. Jun 29, AM SexandDating. They are if they're noticing you on Snapchat: "You might not be aware of their in-person side glances and sly looks, but on Snapchat there's no hiding.

Regardless of whether or not someone clicks 'like,' you know that they have looked. It doesn't matter, she said; if they weren't interested in you, they'd close out of your story. SexandDating Life. Get the latest from Revelist.There is only one logical reason to ever post an Instagram story: to see who actually watches it. Weird, right? And when my most recent ex — the one who swept me off my feet and just as quickly broke up with me without reason — started watching my stories, too, I couldn't help but wonder, does this mean anything?

I mean, I never watch my ex's stories. I don't need to know who they are dating or what they eat for brunch. So why do they do it?


Personally, I think that if an ex watches your stories, they are either percent still in to you or completely over you. But to really get to the bottom of it, I decided to ask a dating expert and some men for their opinions. It happens all the time, and it can happen for a myriad of reasons, having nothing to do with having feelings for you.

I mean, he might, but if he does, you'll know. He'll be shooting you a message to make plans to reconnect, and will lock you down," she tells Elite Daily. She continues, "We've all had ghosts of exes past view our stories, and all that means is simply: He viewed our story.

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Any further analysis of what it means and why now is a waste of time. Something as simple as your story popping up after he's viewed another can explain why he watches it. And Jen says when we read into things, we can also do embarrassing things.

He's always one of the 1st people to watch my Snapchat story?

In fact, the only issue with an ex watching your Instagram stories might be how you're reading into them or reacting to it. Everyone will see through this kind of toxic manipulationJen also notes. So if a dating expert doesn't think watching Instagram stories means much of anything, what about the men themselves?

Apparently, watching an Instagram story is nothing more than just So maybe we shouldn't read so much into social media. By Alison Segel. So, I came to form this hypothesis:.As I have shared on different forums my boyfriend now ex boyfriend broke things off or took a break whatever he calls it. He is an amazing person still and I still love him but he keeps viewing all my Snapchat stories hours after posting them. I am fine with it but while we were dating it was hit and miss when he actually read them and it was more of a miss than a hit.

He might be looking to see what you're up to, or i think there was an update that plays every story one after the other from everyone they're friends with.

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I don't use snapchat anymore so I may be wrong. So he might not be intentionally opening yours. Like allonsy said it could be automatic because of the new update. It takes a minute to realize you're viewing someone else's story sometimes. If he's viewing the entire story and there are multiple snaps and you're in them well, then that's another story.

Naturally there's a possibility that he's "checking up on you" but don't let that be an indicator that he really misses you. If it's something that causes you to stress, just delete him off snapchat. If he's an ex there's no reason to have him on anyway Mine does this too!!

I find it funny because obviously he's somewhat wants to keep up with me even though he broke it off and it was quite a terrible break up. I never understood why people keep their exes on social media I mean even if you had a healthy break as friends I feel that's bad juju.

The new update makes story viewing automatic. I wouldn't read into it. Maybe he's curious about your life but I don't think it means anything. I don't think that means he misses you at all, I view all of my friends snapchat stories.

Not saying he doesn't, but viewing your story isn't an indication of one way or the other. Snapchat automatically plays all snapchat stories now. So I'd assume that it. Well he went through all 8 of my videos, so I feel like he is checking up on what I'm doing. Which even when the new update on Snapchat was there he never checked my stuff that much. Mine is doing it too, it's annoying yet I love it. I strategicly view everyone else stories but his.

she looks at my snapchat stories

I mean it's not rocket science to see where his story is and skip it in the auto play. Not going to give him the satisfaction of my view. Let him see what he is missing out on! Drag your photos to change their order. Sign up Log in.

Sell now.

Why Does She View My Snapchat Stories But Not Respond to Texts?

How it works. Get the App. Help Center. About us. Trust and Safety.There is this girl I like and she has been giving me very mixed signals. But whenever I post a snapchat story she views them most times immediately and since we became friends on snapchat, she has never missed viewing any single one of my snapchat story and I have intentionally missed some of hers.

she looks at my snapchat stories

So my question is does she like me? Is she playing me or what? Is she playing hard to get? No she gives detailed reponses and asks questions back. I meant when I make a joke she will text something like "roflmao yeah right like you had any chance lol" or something like that One time we were even kidding and she said that she has a fever and if she dies then I will never get my date with her Thats the thing, I have only met her in person once and she laughed a lot when we met and played with her hair alot.

Even waited for the bus with me. But then the first time I asked her out on a date, she said I was making moves too fast, and then after a month or so we texted back and forth and I was about to ask her out and she stopped responding! It really depends.

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Sometimes people, like the other answer stated, just watch stories to get the notification out of their snapchat. However, she could be looking at your story because she genuinely likes you. It's really hard to tell! I think you should look at other signs, like laughing at your jokes, finding excuses to talk to you, and playing with her hair when she talks to you.

Or maybe that she texts you all the time and seems interested in the conversation.

she looks at my snapchat stories

Those are better indicators that she likes you. The whole snapchat thing is really hard to decipher. I hope this helps, good luck :. Nope, she doesn't like you sorry! I view other boys' Snapchat story just to make the notification at the top go away. I don't even watch them, just tap to get to the end. She's also not playing hard-to-get in anyway, as she never responds to your Snaps and gives vague responses to your texts.

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