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Welcome to BassesRus. We feature custom basses for Bluegrass and Rockabilly as well as specialty basses for Orchestral and Jazz. Get whatever you need from us for sure. Although the basic instrument starts out the same from the manufacturer, what it is called usually depends on how it is "set up". So to some degree what you call this instrument depends on how you have it set up for your playing style. There are many variables; choice of strings, string action height, work done to fingerboard and so on.

Get your bass custom fitted to your style of playing here. Click on the banner just below to learn more. Upright Double Bass Strings. Rockabilly Bass Playing Videos. Plenty of our own off-street parking.

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Follow the signs that say " Parking in Rear". Our physical address is East Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA Ph: Fantastic Musical Instruments specializes in the violin string family instruments with a caring hands on approach. Sundays by appointment. Call Ph: at least 48 hours in advance for a Sunday appointment. Need more information? Didn't find what you're looking for? Give us your feedback. Tell us how we're doing and how we can better serve you.

Click here to email Sales.Located in Burlingame, just south of San Francisco, our large retail showroom holds about 65 basses on display with several more in two two small warehouse spaces in the back. Our new basses all feature professional setups and come with a cover at no additional cost. Our used and consignment instruments receive any needed repairs and upgrades before getting a display position on the sales floor. Our basses range in price and function from new and used student level through old professional grade orchestral instruments.

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Upgrade components such as tuning machines, bridges, endpins, and tailpieces, as well as repair parts such as ebony fingerboards, nuts, tailpiece saddles, sound posts, bass bars, and neck blanks are all kept in stock and are available for repair procedures with our allied group of professional bass luthiers, including Allan Droyan, Jeff Sahs, Nathaniel Rich, Hannah Mayne, Jason Brown, Tristan Cole-Falek, and Alex Friedman. If you are looking to find a specific kind of instrument that will best suit your playing, let us know and we will keep you in mind when one turns up.

KING Double Bass #12

With regular travels that take us north to Oregon and Washington state, south down as far as San Diego, and east to Nevada or Arizona, we have developed a network of west coast players, luthiers, and estate resources that lead to some interesting and wonderful finds. We also have access to new custom basses or examples with unusual features that may be just the right combination for you. Some string bass customers have resistance to basses made in China.

Though we carry four brands of highest quality Chinese-made basses, there are currently 51 string basses in stock that come from Europe and the United States. The price and functions range from a ca. In addition to many older or more recent contemporary used instruments, we usually have in stock new instruments from Wilfer, Hofner, Paesold, and customized New Standard basses. In our 20 years of retailing string basses in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been very pleased to have introduced a few major lines of instruments that have solidly found their way into the large student and performance bass communities based here.

For Sale: Double Basses

Our shop has earned the exclusive retail distributorship of these instruments in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. We do cross-post the electric bass guitars to the guitar website for convenience.

NAMM Show exhibition model with appointment upgrades. A wonderful 34 size orchestral bass. Interior work to the top and back, neck rest, new fingerboard, Jason Brown C extension. We also have had instruments from Xuechang Sun given these kinds of customized treatments with very satisfying results.

Please give us a call or email for ideas on how we an customize a bass like this for you.Because of our ever changing menu, we will try to update this page as often as possible. Here you will find up to date pictures, measurements and brief descriptions of what is known about each bass that is for sale which includes upright double basses from Czech, German, French, English, Italian, Romanian and Chinese origin.

For more in depth details in any particular upright bass, it is best to call or email. Please keep in mind that we ship anywhere in the USA. The Wan-Bernadels are famous and now compete with basses much higher in price. From serious amateurs to the most dedicated professional bassist A lot of them not even making it on our web site. Because of the busy turnaround, it sometimes resembles a 'bass-revolving door': Basses coming and basses going!

We'll try to keep things more current here, but you can always email us from time to time and ask for any updates or give us your information about a particular bass, sound or price you need. Trying out an instrument from this page is easy.

Because we ship so many and so often, we are able to cheaply and safely send a bass for you to try and play for a week. No can ever be expected to buy a bass without trying it first! Play it at home, in your own familiar environment. This is really the way to go!

Recently, we have decided that we need more room! These basses take up lots of square footage and it's cheaper to sell them than it is to buy another warehouse or bigger place, right?

You will often see the price slashed and a heavily reduced price follow. These are priced to sell quickly. No, we're not moving yet! This a nice Emanuel Wilfer bass made in Germany.

Most recognize the old, traditional name of Wilfer which are still handmade by the original maker Emanuel's grandson, Roland. Roland keeps this multi generational trade alive along with his uncle today.

This is their Conservatory model. It has a lovely round back, gamba shaped and some players looking at these photos whom are familiar with the great, old Juzek basses, might notice a strong similarity! This is because it was the Wilfer family who made Juzek's basses for him, which Jusek a Czechoslavakianglued his own name labels into the basses and exported them into American for many, many years.

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It is proportionately a fun bass to own and play for any sized player or playing level. It is well proportioned and actually quite perfect in size, for anyone's hands.The perfect touring bass, this is an early design, identification number SK 40th Slap King made!

Double Basses

The bass is rare as King not produces these basses. The bass is in excellent condition, like brand-new actually! There are volume and tone controls on the bridge. Also complete with official red King Doublebass job bag that is also like brand-new.

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The in has a luxurious furry leopard print interior. Specifications of the bass:. The current strings on the bass are Thomastick Dominant Solo strings - Flexible nylon core wrapped in chrome steel. I have actually been the sole owner of this bass from around I just recently had a professional luthier make sure everything is in leading shape and all set to play! Here is the story behind King Doublebass. It's an old maxim: If you desire it done right, do it yourself.

Irritated by the absence of durable, quality instruments and hardware on the market, King Doublebass founder, president, and accomplished bassist Jason Burns took it upon himself to construct his own basses and to get it. So I chose to make my own," states Burns of the modest beginnings of what has actually become one of the hottest companies focusing on developing customized upright basses.

Adcock, and The Road Kings, Burns fine-tuned the item and established line which has actually catapulted his company to the top of the market. It's insufficient for the instrument to look and sound wonderful.

It's got to hold up.

Vintage & Used Basses

It needs to be able to take the abuse of a 40 program tour and sound the exact same at the last program as it did at the very first. Burns uses superior quality woods, steel enhanced necks, and exclusive crafting strategies to guarantee that his instruments' sturdiness standards match those of their appearance and sound. The result is an instrument of exceptional quality which has become the bass of option advantageous artists in the world.

king double bass for sale

Both Jimbo Wallace and Lee Rocker play King instruments and each even has his own pro model which Burns makes according to their exacting specifications. Both product lines have actually ended up being popular amongst gamers for their terrific tone, solid construct, and head-turning look. As King Doublebass grows and broadens its circulation network, Burns stays committed to constructing each instrument with the same care and quality that has made his business a success.

He says, "I still look after the manufacturing of every single instrument that comes out of right here. I want everyone who buys a King instrument to rest certained that they're getting the best instrument readily available. Thanks for your time! For Sale. Real Estate. Post an Ad. Share it or review it. Reply to Seller. Schiller Upright Piano Very nice upright Schiller piano.Double Bass Sales Related Content and sort options :. Related Content and sort options.

Double Bass Performance Jobs. Double Bass Teaching Jobs. Double Bass Courses. Double Bass Competitions. Stolen Double Bass. Maby was known for his Violins and Cellos but…. Beautiful orchestra bass with C extension. Ludovicus Kovacs Budapestini Faciebat Anno A modern Double bass bow made specifically to my order by a Malaysian maker Ong Ket Wei 2 years ago or so. Excellent condition….

For salebeautiful instrumenbuilt in Mantova by G. Mariotto nel The instrument is in perfect condition, it has no…. String lenght: cm. Big sound and very….

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Paolo Antonio Testore made in Milan Sale for authentic Paolo Antonio Testore bass with all the papers. Way below market…. A very characterful, impressive French instrument with a swell back. Vibrates freely with a big, round and colourful sound…. Violin shaped model 12 double bass made in by the German maker Emanuel Wilfer. Flamed maple back and selected spruce belly…. Excellent condition; recently fully restored front off, re-edging, the works. Flat back, gated C-extension, Eb stop.

Italian double bass from in an exceptional state by Gaetano Dionelli, Mantova. Great instrument made by Luciano Golia in Italy in the year The bass is made of flamed maple and a finely grained spruce…. Beautiful and fair copy of an English classical bow from around The bow is made of cherry wood by Tis Marang Netherlands …. A beautiful French double bass,of excellent quality,and all original.

king double bass for sale

The condition is excellent for an instrument of this age….Double Basses and Bows for sale by owner. Supporting Membership required to post ads. No commercial sales.

Price: 0. TroyKAug 4, Replies: 0 Views: 23, TroyK Aug 4, MgaisbacherMar 4, Replies: 9 Views: 1, Scott McArronMar 16, Replies: 0 Views: Pete HandNov 25, Replies: 3 Views: 2, Pete Hand Apr 11, at PM.

Pete HandNov 19, Replies: 1 Views: 2, Keith Rawlings Apr 11, at PM. Pete HandNov 18, Replies: 2 Views: 1, Doublebassman85Apr 28, Replies: 10 Views: 13,Is King Double Bass Gone?

Feb 2, 1.

king double bass for sale

Dec 1, South Bend, IN. Does anyone know what's up with King Double Basses? Their website, www. Feb 3, 2. Nov 25, NorCal. They are re-doing their website I believe.

Upright Bass For Sale

Feb 3, 3. Nov 10, Canada. My pal Lolemite received his beautiful new tuxedo King Double Bass this summer. And another guy I know has a King Double Bass arriving shortly, next week he thinks. So they're not gone but goin strong. Feb 3, 4. May 14, No. Virginia near Wash, DC. Feb 3, 5. Feb 3, 6. Jan 24, Winnipeg, MB. Yeah, that website was way out of date anyway.

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